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                                CONTEMPORARY ADULT

The Bible Fellowship program for Contemporary Adults is broken into five departments.  Each department has its own personality and feel.  However, all of our departments stress the same key elements:

        •    Openness to guests and new members
        •    Fellowship and connection for class members
        •    Praying for one another
        •    Sharing life's burdens and experiences with one another
        •    Learning through Scripture about Godly living
        •    Providing opportunities to serve for the furtherance of Christ's
              Kingdom on earth

Choose the department and Bible Fellowship time which best suits you:

Contemporary Adults 1    (First Call)                                  Room 302
                [designed for all adults who like early morning Bible study]
                Director:  Mark & Cheryl Hartman  /  703-685-1092
Contemporary Adults 2   (Trailblazers)                            Room 301
                [designed for all adults who enjoy in-depth Bible study]
                Director Team:  Ken & Diane McCreless  --  703-455-4208
                                             Paul & Helen Sellevaag


9:30am      Contemporary Adults 3   (Pathfinders)                            Room 303
                [designed for couples ages 50 - 65]
                Director Team:  Vince Johnson  --  703-417-9009

                                              Carol Brewton  --  703-740-7884

Contemporary Adults 5   (Faith Builders)                      Room 350B
                [designed for all adults with a heart from missions 
                and topical Bible study]
                Director:  Vanessa Sizemore  -- 
703-566-5626 /

11:00am    Contemporary Adults 6   (Explorers)                                 Room 224
                [designed for both single and married adults ages 40 - 60]
                Directors:  Joe & Susan Riojas  --  915-487-6158