Community Bible Study

Alexandria CBS will be studying
Return to Jerusalem:
Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Haggai, Zechariah, & Malachi

September 2015 – May 2016

Community Bible Study meets Wednesdays, September through May, at First Baptist Church of Alexandria, from 9:30-11:30 a.m.  Visit our website here.

Friends and Visitors Days are April 22, 2015, and April 29, 2015. (Sorry, no children during Visitor Days). We gather in the Chapel on Level Two at First Baptist. Let us know if CBS is in your plans, won't you?

We believe it is important for everyone to be in Bible study. Our weekly program includes in-depth study of a Scripture selection divided over 30 weeks, with Lesson Questions, Personal Application, Group Discussion, a short Lecture, and Commentary. We anticipate having 6 adult discussion groups varied in age, background, knowledge, and denomination, plus a New Moms Group.

CBS also has a highly-regarded Children's Program. In Alexandria, we enroll Children from 6 months to 12th Grade. Babies are eligible for the Nursery starting at 6 months of age, or can remain with their moms in New Moms Group from birth through 8 months. Teaching takes place at every age level from our Class for Twos, and up. Children through age 6 enjoy a Bible lesson, coloring page, craft, music, memory verses, snack, and play. Curriculum for school-age students follows the adult's study in age-appropriate lessons, discussion and mini-lecture, with music, memory verses, snack and play.

We will be accepting enrollments for 2015-2016 starting in April. Registration forms can be obtained through Danielle Whitley and CBS friends and leaders (contact info below). Enrollment Fees should be submitted with your registrations if affordable (Adult $35, $10 per child 6 months [on 9/1/15] to Grade 12). Only a parent can enroll a child. Payment by check should be made to CBS or Community Bible Study, adding "Registration" on the memo line, please.

Act quickly if you're interested in the coming CBS Year. We are eager to have you in Bible study with us! All enrollments will be processed in the order received until classes are full, then a wait-list is begun.  If you want to see a sample lesson, let us know. For info about CBS in another city, go to the Community Bible Study Website ( click on Ministries & Courses, Find A Class, Select a State, then City.

In the love of Christ,
Danielle Whitley, Coordinator
Alexandria CBS or 703-509-5672