Dedication & Baptism

Parent/ Child Dedication

First Baptist celebrates Parent/Child Dedication services throughout the year during both of our worship services. This provides parents who are members of the First Baptist Church family the opportunity to make a public commitment to raising their little one according to God's word. Parents are welcome to schedule a meeting with Kim Eskridge, our Pastor for Children, to discuss the importance of this event. More details and applications to schedule a Dedication are available here or through the Children's Ministry office.

Child Baptism

Baptism is a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as one’s personal savior. Baptism is not a sacrament necessary for salvation, nor does it save us. Once a child decides to accept the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, he or she is encouraged to take the next step--baptism. Although encouraged, children are not pressured to be baptized until they feel ready. All children who would like to learn how they can accept Jesus Christ as their Savior are invited to meet with Kim Eskridge, Pastor to Children.

All who are interested in either of these "Life Events" are encouraged to read our "Answering Your Questions" page and to contact the Children's Ministry office at 703.299.3618 or!