Give A Day

All church members who are not already serving on Sunday mornings are asked to commit to serve our children for the equivalent of at least one day a year. Did you know that volunteering once a month in Kids’ Connection adds up to less than 20 hours a year, a little less than one day out of the 365 days that God gives us each year? As a church family, we are accountable for providing a quality environment where the faith of children can grow and for partnering with parents to provide faith education for the children that God has placed in our midst. Let’s work together to reach this most precious mission field.

Our primary need is during the 11:00 hour, for ages birth through preK (there are some other options available for those interested). Classes during this hour generally have an enrichment activity, some time on the playground (weather permitting), and reinforcement of the Bible lesson. When fully implemented, volunteers will be on a rotation schedule, assigned to the same class on the same Sunday each month with at least one other adult in the classroom. First Baptist Church policy is to require a background check on all those who work with minors, renewed every 3 years. Fill out the form below to express interest and receive more information.Thanks for your interest in being part of the Kids' Connection team!

*There will be a brief orientation meeting and tour on the last Sunday of each month following the second service. Meet in Room 141/142 starting around 12:15pm, and the orientation will be finished no later than 1pm. All are welcome!
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