What is Lifegroup?

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Lifegroup is the small group discipleship ministry of FBCA that meets in homes throughout Northern Virginia.

Lifegroups at FBCA focus on intentional, relational community. They are a place for people to go to the next level in forming relationships with other Believers for the purpose of growing closer to Jesus and finding support and accountability along the way.

Lifegroup FAQs

What happens at Lifegroup?
Lifegroup is about a 90-minute meeting that includes a time of fellowship, worship and prayer, spiritual discussion, and time to break into smaller groups to pray intentionally with each other.

Who leads Lifegroup? Each Lifegroup has a leadership team who are members of First Baptist and have a heart to disciple and encourage Believers to grow in a dynamic relationship with Jesus. Lifegroup leaders can click here for online resources and content.

How do I join a Lifegroup? Talk to one of our Lifegroup leaders to learn more about when and where they meet. You can click on the LG leader's name below to email them about their group meeting time and location. Or email to connect with one of our discipleship pastors and get connected to a Lifegroup near you.

Current Lifegroups

Adult Lifegroups

Leaders: Joel & Donelle Harder
Location: Virginia Hills (Near Telegraph & The Parkway)
Who: Singles & Families
Age Range: 30s and 40s
When: Sundays at 5:30pm

Leaders: David Hotle, Patrick & Kayla Martin
Location: Van Dorn, Near 495
Who: Men and Women
Age Range: 20s and 30s
When: Sundays at 7:00pm

Leaders: Sallyann Bergh
Location: Fairlington
Who: Men and Women
Age Range: 20s and 30s
When: Sundays at 6:30pm

Youth Lifegroups

Meet Wednesdays at the church, at 6:15pm in the Youth Garage

Youth Lifegroups provide accountability, encouragement, and a chance to connect with other students who face the same challenges and victories every day.

• Middle school boys
• High School boys
• Middle School girls
• High School girls

For questions, contact our Youth Pastor, Mikel Dasch.

Leaders: Alex White & Jessica Marr
Location: Ft. Hunt/Mt. Vernon
Who: Men and Women
Age Range: College and early 20s
When: Saturdays at 6:30pm

Leaders: Noah & Kari Gibson
Location: Near Huntington Metro
Who: Men and Women
Age Range: 20s and 30s
When: Sundays at 6:30pm

Ladies Lifegroup/Bible Study
Location: FBCA RM 326
Who: Women Only
Age Range: 20s and 30s
When: Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Men's Lifegroup
Leaders: Dave Butler
Location: Starbucks near the Mark Center (1462 N. Beauregard St. Alexandria, VA 22311)
Who: Men
Age Range: 30s & 40s
When: Tuesdays at 6:15am

Men's Lifegroup
Leader:  Greg Hawkins
Location:  Starbucks near the Mark Center (1462 N. Beauregard St. Alexandria, VA 22311)
Who:  Men
Age Range:  30s & 40s
When:  Mondays at 6:15am