Wednesday Evenings

Wednesday evenings at FBCA are a great time to experience fellowship, community, and to get an uplifting mid-week message from our Pastor!

 Dinner:   Wednesday evenings begin at 5:00pm with a buffet-style dinner in our FAC (Faith Activities Center). Click here for a dinner menu and prices!

Children’s activities:   Children’s activities begin at 6:00pm with preschool & children's choirs and children's missions groups.

Youth:   Youth have Wednesday "Lifegroup" Bible studies which take place at 6:15pm in the Youth Garage.

Mid-Week Worship and Prayer:   At 6:15pm, adults are invited to a  mid-week prayer time and message from our Pastor. Service lasts about an hour, and is usually held in the Sanctuary. (Occasionally the location will be moved to the Chapel or the Faith Activities Center.)
Discipleship Classes:
  We are pleased to offer discipleship opportunities for adults on Wednesday evenings (and Sunday evenings) in the spring and fall. Classes cover a variety of interests and needs, as well as offering flexibility for your busy schedule. Click here for a look at our current Discipleship options.

Wed. Rehearsals:    5:30–6:00pm: Children's Handbells (Room 355)
6:00–6:45pm: Children's Choirs (various rooms)
6:00–7:00pm: Adoration Ringers Adult Handbell Choir (Room 355)
7:10–8:45pm: Chancel Choir (Music Suite, Room 350A)
7:10–8:45pm: Orchestra (Sanctuary)

Wednesdays are designed for the whole family, and seek to encourage getting to know one another around the dinner table. Reservations are not needed for the dinner or activities so just come and check it out!