Children First Volunteers

General Information

Each Sunday we are blessed to have our Sunday School classrooms filled with children, taught and cared for by dedicated teachers and volunteers.  In order to meet the staffing needs of our church family and growing ministry, our Early Childhood Sunday School is a cooperative program, with parents and other members of our church family serving as Give a Day volunteers once a month or Children First Volunteers twice per quarter (approximately once every six weeks)*.   Volunteers are asked to serve during one service hour (either 9:30 am OR 11:00 am) so they can still attend Worship or Bible Fellowship.

All parents of children in the early childhood area (aged birth through Kindergarten) are expected to serve as Children First volunteers in order to help ensure appropriate adult-child ratios each Sunday morning.  Serving the church family by volunteering allows you to be a role model for your children and to see first-hand their morning in Sunday School.

Caring for our children is a big responsibility, and we ask you to take this commitment very seriously.  Please take a few moments to read the following reminders about the Children First program:

Everyone who works with the children must complete an application and security background check.  Once the background check is complete, the new volunteer will be issued a photo ID badge which is to be worn when working in the children’s area. (We renew background checks every three years.)

The Early Childhood Coordinator (“the EC Coordinator”) develops a quarterly schedule for all teachers and Children First volunteers.  The schedule is updated regularly. Every effort is make to accommodate volunteer preferences for dates, service times, and classroom assignments; however, the safety and security of our children is our highest priority and we require a minimum of two adults in each classroom so please be understanding if you are scheduled somewhere that is not your first choice.

If your Elementary aged children require pew shepherds in the worship service while you volunteer, please let us know this when you confirm your volunteer slot.

When you receive notification of your new Children First schedule, please:

•    Know your assignment(s):  Find all the dates you are scheduled to serve and mark your personal calendars;
•    Make sure we know your contact information:  Let the EC Coordinator know of any changes to your contact information. Reminders are sent by e-mail each week prior to your Sunday to serve;
•    Be there:  If you are unable to serve on your assigned Sunday, please find a substitute and let the EC Coordinator know who will be serving in your place.  If you are unable to work out a sub or swap with another volunteer, please let the EC Coordinator know what alternative date(s) you can serve;
•    Be on time and check-in:  Please arrive no later than 9:15 am to serve during the first service and by 10:45 am for the second.  Parents begin dropping off their children 15 minutes before a service begins, and it is imperative that the class is fully staffed at that time.  When you arrive, please check in at the Teacher and Volunteer Check-In Station opposite the gray elevator beyond the main Children’s reception area.  Pick up your photo ID badge and check your assignment on the schedule provided.
•    Be flexible!  Class sizes vary from Sunday to Sunday, so we may need to move you even after you’re settled in, and we’re so thankful when you are willing to make that transition easy. 
•    Let us know:  If you happen to wake up Sunday morning and do not feel well, we’d rather you didn’t come and share your germs!  Please call the first floor children’s area reception desk at (703) 518-2733 and leave a message, including your name and which hour and class you were scheduled to work.
•    Everyone is needed:  Remember that all parents of regularly-attending preschoolers are asked to serve in this cooperative ministry. We understand that some parents are unable to commit to a scheduled Sunday in advance because of variable work schedules.  In these cases, please contact the EC Coordinator during the week preceding a Sunday that you can help, or even check in to volunteer on a Sunday morning.
•    Tell a friend:  We are always looking for new Children First Helpers, so if you know of someone who might want to be a part of our team, please encourage them to contact us – we’d love to talk to them!

*Alternative scheduling arrangements are available for non-parent volunteers and for parents who serve as Bible Fellowship Directors and/or at least bi-weekly teachers in other departments.  Please contact the Early Childhood Coordinator to discuss your specific situation.

Megan Frye

Early Childhood Coordinator