Contemporary Adults 3 (Pathfinders)

This department meets at 9:30am each Sunday in Room 303.  It is truly where a big church becomes small—through focused, small-group Christian fellowship.  Our Sunday morning time together involves a good blend of single and married adults who are transitioning from their child-rearing years into mid-life.  We seek to know Christ, become more like Him, and have fun while doing it.  We eat together, sing together, study God’s Word, and pray together, and support each other during the good and sad times that each of us faces.

The department has four distinct classes, including one structured for the church choir and its unique Sunday morning schedule.  You can choose a class with a topical curriculum, "
Bible Studies for Life" that shows God’s way in dealing with the challenges of median adulthood, or you can select a class that will literally walk you through the Bible verse by verse ("Explore the Bible").  Each class is taught by a dedicated, knowledgeable instructor who has only one goal–to help each class member experience God in a meaningful, life-changing manner.

We encourage you to check us out next Sunday.  We’d love to tell you what God, through First Baptist Alexandria and our department, is doing in our lives daily as we seek His will.  Contemporary Adults 3 just may be the place God wants you to be.  In any event, whether young or old, married or single, there’s a place somewhere at First Baptist Alexandria for you.

Carpenter's Shelter
Throughout the year, the Pathfinder's department serves dinner at the Carpenter's Shelter.  Dinner is served at 6:30 p.m.  Preparation for the meal
begins at 5:30.  Below is the 2014schedule:

        January 18                           July 19
        March 15                             September 20
        May 17                                November 15


Director:  Vince Johnson  --  703-417-9009  / 

Carol Brewton  --  703-740-7884  / 

Teachers: Rozella Hayes -- 703-765-3074 / 
(Pathfinders 1)
                Chris Amrhein -- 703-339-4393 /
                        (Pathfinders 2)
                Debra Shorts-- 703-618-0019/
                        (Pathfinders 3)