Music Ministry Home is giving God the glory He alone deserves. While music and worship are not the same thing, God has ordained a unique relationship between them. Both through example and command, Scripture shows us the vital role music plays in the worship of God.

Psalm 66:2 says we are to "sing the glory of His name; give to Him glorious praise." In fact, music is a gift from God designed to develop and deepen our relationship with Him.

The First Baptist Music Ministry exists to encourage, enrich and disciple persons as they praise God. If you would like to praise God through a choir, ensemble, or instrumental group, we want to help you do that. Our Ministry provides a variety of opportunities for the development of musical gifts in persons from age 3 through senior adult.

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or by calling 703-299-3603.

Roger McGee, Pastor for Music and Worship
Alydia Wingard, Assistant and Pianist
Sherry Graveson, Organist


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