What Do We Study?

Each of the classes within the departments may choose a standardized curriculum produced by Southern Baptist LifeWay Resources appropriate for their group.  Currently we are using the following materials:

"Bible Studies for Life"

It's a time of reflection upon life, but most importantly it's a time to look forward to all God has planned for retired adults now. This resource challenges a generation already full of life's experiences to discover new ones in their service to the Lord, and to pass on to younger generations the legacy of their faith.

This material seeks to equip, encourage, and minister to those in their retirement years, motivating them to share their valuable experiences with younger generations. 

"Explore the Bible"

"Explore the Bible" is the most systematic and comprehensive study of both the New and Old Testaments available in quarterly curriculum—one that is geared to study one Bible book at a time. Adults enjoy the clearly written and thorough exposition of Bible passages and age-old stories.