Senior Adult 2

                            Welcome to the Adult 2
                    Bible Fellowship Department!

                   We are delighted to welcome you!

We gather each Sunday morning in Room 224 at 9:30am for coffee and fellowship.  The Director leads a Department-wide Opening Assembly at 9:45am and then individual classes meet for Bible Study at 10:00am.

We also schedule a series of Fellowship activities throughout the year to better develop a growing, loving relationship.

We cordially invite you to join us each Sunday and to participate in one of the Bible Study classes that best suits your interests.  Please be assured that there is a special class in Adult 2 just for YOU!

Director:  Denny Crouch  --  703-915-8002 /


The Austin Bible Class
    Teacher:  John Schafe  --  
    Meets in Room 200

Named for an English medical missionary who taught the class, its purpose is to point to Jesus. Our goal is to understand who we are in Christ Jesus and to grow with God's love in us and working through us.  Motivated by John 15:9-12, we meet together each Sunday to search the infallible Word of God, the Bible, for truths by which to daily live the Christian life and to direct our spiritual journey.  This class uses Lifeway's Explore the Bible series material.


The Challengers
    Teacher:  Swaim Pessaud  --  703-941-1226 / 
    Asst. Teacher:  Lois Hubbard --  703-998-6762 /

    Meets in Room 226

This class is composed of homemakers, professional, and retired women who are very active in every area of church life.  We are a caring, supportive and involved group who are committed to enriching our spiritual lives through a deeper study of God's Word.  We use the Formations Bible study material by Smyth and Helwys.  We invite you to join us.


Faith Warriors
    Teaching Team:    Lou Jones:  703-451-0742 /
                                     Judy Doering:  704-922-4563 /
                                     Bobbie Currie:  703-360-3980 /
Meets in Room 224.

This group consists of men and women who gather for fellowship and Bible study.  Independent thinking and lively discussions aid us as we seek to apply Biblical truth to our everyday lives.  This class uses Lifeway's Explore the Bible series material.

        For more information about this department or any of the
      Senior Adult ministries, please contact Carolyn Jenkins
                at or 703-299-3608.