Pastor Don's Journal

You know what Pastor Don says on Sundays, but what is he thinking about the rest of the week?


I have been battling allergies or a cold for the last few days. Surely all this springtime pollen is to blame for getting it started.
As thrilling as is the present at First Baptist, Alexandria--- and I think that these are momentous days indeed--- I am even more excited about our future!
"Oh they tell me, it's only a dream in Rio. Nothing could be as sweet as it seems on this very first day down." --James Taylor
When a New York newspaper mistakenly printed the obituary of the American humorist, Mark Twain, he responded with this classic line: "The report of my death was a great exaggeration."
What a soul-satisfying weekend we have just concluded at First Baptist! In our services and activities we experienced yet again the central story of the gospel--