Rebuilding Together Alexandria

The deadline to sign up for RTA is Sunday, April 20.

City-wide Workday –

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Make a Difference! Repairing one home won’t change the world,
but surely the
world will change for that one homeowner.
Join us as we improve the home
s and lives of in-need residents.


Free childcare will be available at FBCA from 7:45am until noon for those volunteering for RTA. Parents MUST BE AT FBCA to pick up their children by no later than noon!

Parents will need to bring lunch for their children (along with anything else they will require during the time that they are here, such as diapers, change of clothes, etc.).

No nut products, or foods prepared with nut products, are allowed.
This year, FBCA will have six teams to work in our community, as well as a hospitality team to support our teams.

Help serve our community by working together to improve the home of someone who cannot do the work themselves. Some participants are older or disabled. Others may have financial limitations. RTA coordinates the work and we provide the labor. Workers of all skill levels are needed for each team. CLICK HERE to sign up!

Schedule: RTA check-in begins at 7:30am in FBCA's Faith Activities Center, followed by a welcome rally. Teams will depart for their RTA houses around 8:30am, and will return to FBCA after work on their house is completed (times may vary, but anticipate no later than 4:00pm). Volunteers using FBCA's childcare will need to drive separately, in order to pick up their children by noon.

ALL VOLUNTEERS -- please print and return a liability form to FBCA's missions office -- FBCA must have a liability form for each participant!
CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the liability form.

To learn more about RTA, visit