Better than Ever (50 Plus Retreat)

                     Keynote Speaker:  Elva Hurst, Chalk Artist
                    Banquet Entertainment:  Higher Ground Quartet HURST:  Elva grew up in a large conservative Mennonite family in Ephrata, PA where she attended a small "one room" Amish and Mennonite school.  Art was viewed as frivolous by many of those around her, but that did not keep Elva from etching scenes in between chore on the family dairy farm.  Elva’s interest in "chalk talks" began when she and her husband moved to Tulsa, OK to attend Bible school for two years. It was there where she started using this technique while teaching Sunday school classes. Word of her work quickly spread and soon she was asked to perform chalk talks for other gatherings.  When people express amazement that an untrained artist with no formal educations has had full-time work for more than twenty years, Elva responds by saying:  "I give all the credit to God. He opens the doors and makes the way."  Click here to read more on Elva's Amazing Story. 

These young men have enjoyed singing together for a number of years and made several recordings.  There have been a couple of changes, member wise, within the quartet but the group is still together....the singing goes on...with many good times together and four hearts full of praise to a great God.  To find out more about this group and these young men, visit


See below the list of fun activities and great recreational opportunities available for you at this retreat.

Personal Interest Selections  
(specific day and times being finalized) 
‚Äč    •    Bible Study
    •    Parables of Mayberry, Part 3
    •    Know the 10 Signs of Alzheimer's:   Early Detection Matters
    •    A Little Landscaping Goes a Long Way
    •    Basic Photography
    •    Safety for Seniors
    •    Attitude Adjustments
    •    "Friendships:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"
    •    Strength & Balance Exercises

Recreational Opportunities
    •    Bus Trip to Museum of the Confederacy in Appomattox ($10)
    •    "Painting with Colored Pencils"
    •    Ballroom Dancing
    •    Organizing Your Digital Photos

Other Special Features
    •    Old-Fashioned Hymn Sing
    •    Night at the Movies
    •    Tuesday Night Banquet featuring the Higher Ground Quartet (HGQ)

Tentative Schedule                                     

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This is a LEVEL 2 trip.