Missions Your Way

Did you know the International Mission Board has programs for all ages and life stages to serve on an international mission? Timeframes range from one week to three years! Here are a few options:

  • High School students can serve in the summer with Fusion Impact (5 weeks)
  • High School graduates can serve with Fusion and receive 35 hours of transferrable college credit (9 months).
  • Young adults (18-29) can serve with Nehemiah Teams (8 weeks in the summer).
  • Young adults (21-26) can become Journeymen (2 years).
  • Contemporary and Senior Adults (50+) can share life skills to help jumpstart long-term mission platforms with the Master's Program (2-3 years).
  • Professionals (professors, lawyers, agriculturists, those serving in the medical community, and others) desiring to be an effective witness while in a short-term overseas context should contact our missions office.

Find out how your time and talents can be used to serve God's Kingdom by contacting Pastor John (call 703-299-3607 or click here to email).