Children's Events

Faith Milestones

Parent-Child Dedication

Our church family celebrates the addition of each new family member. Parent-Child Dedications are scheduled during Sunday morning worship services. This is really a parent commitment service, a promise by parents to offer their child from infancy to the Lord and to dedicate themselves to the rearing of their little one for the glory of God. Church members who would like to learn how their family can participate may contact Kim Eskridge, the Children’s Pastor, for more information.

Faith Conversations

Each child develops and learns in a different way and at his or her own pace. This is also true with faith development. Pastor Kim is available as a resource to assist parents in the faith education of their children and is also happy to meet with children and their parents to discuss faith and life issues.

Bible Presentations
Bibles are given to children finishing first grade, as they are becoming more independent readers, and to rising seventh graders as they move on to the Youth Ministry. This is one way our church family encourages children to make reading God’s Word an important part of their daily lives.


Baptism is a public demonstration or “picture” of what has already happened inside the mind and heart of the person being baptized. Those who are baptized have already accepted the gift of forgiveness for their sins and salvation through Jesus Christ and have made Him the Lord of their lives. They are following Jesus’ example by being immersed in water (Mt 3:13–17) and are acting out the story of Jesus—His life, death, burial, and resurrection—and defeat of death and sin. Before children are baptized, parents are asked to schedule a visit for their child with Pastor Kim to discuss the eternal commitment they are making.

Upcoming Children & Family Events

Annual Summer Events

CentriKid Camp

In  June 3rd - 6th graders may attend a five-day sleep away summer camp. CentriKid offers a Christ-centered camp experience that will grab kids’ attention and capture their hearts through high-energy worship, interactive, kid-friendly Bible study, and lots of fun!

* Registration opens in January.

Vacation Bible School

Every summer in mid-July we host a week-long, fun-filled, spiritual adventure for kids that provides concentrated Bible study and encourages real-life application. The intention of VBS is to lead children to know and respond to Jesus Christ. Children participate in a large group opening and rotate through small group Bible study and other engaging learning activities.
We offer a morning session each day from 9:30 AM -12:30 PM.  
Children aged 4 years through 6th grade are invited to register.  
Registration opens on April 1st.

Children’s Music Camp

Generally offered in late July, this 1/2 day camp is a wonderful opportunity for children who have completed 1st through 6th grades. In this week-long event, a major musical production is learned, staged, choreographed, costumed, and performed by the kids.  Friday of that week, the musical is preformed for family and friends!
Registration generally opens in June.